Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gotta Be Different To Make A Difference

As a missionary I'm different, I dress different and act different. People notice who were are, because of the different way missionaries carry themselves. People often ask us why we are always so happy walking walking around town, being far from home,  and giving up so much of our time. We tell them that Jesus is the Christ, he is a real being who loves us and pleads for us to follow him. When you choose to follow Christ, you choose to be different, you come to know of him and his love for you, your heart changes and your love for others grow. Every heart can change, I see it everyday as people keep our commitments to read the scriptures and pray to our father in heaven. They come to change their way of life to draw closer to our savior Jesus Christ. We find true happiness in this life as we go through our trials, having someone always there by our side every step of the way. As we follow Christ we choose the path of everlasting light that leads to eternal life. The lord changes us from the inside out, we then can the world. May we always know that Jesus is the Christ, always follow him, and truly be willing to change for him. 

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  1. Yes! So true and just what I needed to hear today. When we choose to follow our Savior we choose to be different from others and to forsake the things of this world for something better. As we draw closer to our all powerful, all knowing, and perfect Savior the influence of the Spirit and the power of the Atonement can refine us and truly change our nature, our character, our thoughts- in short who we are. A diamond that has been refined will always shine more brilliantly than a lump of coal.
    BTW- I Love you. Good luck out there today!