Saturday, February 19, 2011

Honesty Is Who We Want To Be

     Honesty has always been important but I’ve noticed it alot more these past few months and have really though about the great feeling it brings. As a missionary its easier for us to be honest when talking with people because we know who we represent (Christ and his church) and we want to bring them closer unto Christ by doing whatever we can to help and being honest is a big part in that. There is an importance to always be honest even in the hardest times. For me when were driving around out in the country or where no one is around its really easy to not stop at stop signs, to go over the speed limit or to disregard other traffic laws. I’ve come to realize the importance of following all the traffic laws because I don’t want to lose that dignity that I have in myself. We pray for safety when driving on the roads and if we drive over the speed limit does our Father in Heaven have the right to give us that safety to protect us? We need to do all we can and he will provide the rest. It really can get hard to be honest at times to others and yourself but we can overcome the temptation, having the Holy Ghost with us at all times helps us make righteous decisions, when we fall in to temptation and become dishonest we lose our self-respect and lose the guidance of the Holy Ghost. We must always stand up for what is right to become who we want to be. Alma 5:16, 19 says can you imagine yourself coming to the lord at the last day and say "yes, my works on earth have been the works of righteousness". Could you look up to god at that day with a pure heart and clean hands having the image of god engraven upon your countenances?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Go Out Having Faith

Moving Forward In The Hardest Of Times
The cold is rough, but being up here in Wolf Point is insane because it can get down to -50 degrees which is just suffering. Every day I try to do what I can when I go out and work. Today is -24 (without wind chill) and I am doing what I can to stay warm, by wearing thermals, double socks, hat, scarf and a heavy Jacket. I have a task to accomplish being out serving a mission to bring others unto Christ. My father in heaven has given me an assignment to work here in freezing Montana, he never said it would be easy so I put my faith in him knowing I can complete the task given; faith does not make the task easier, just possible. The lord has asked me to serve a mission so like Nephi said "I will go and do the things, which the lord has commanded" for the lord will protect us as we have faith in him, believing that he can provide. The lord tries us (like sending us to Montana) so we will turn to him, putting forth that faith in the hardest of times. He gives us many miracles in our lives, for miracles do not produce faith but strong faith is developed by obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ, may we always continually be blessed as we put forth true faith in our father in heaven.