Friday, April 29, 2011

Fight At The Top Of The Mount

     We learn so much from the Book of Mormon, it helps us out in our everyday lives and as we apply the principles it teaches us we become the person we want to be. The stories in the book really catch my attention when they talk about war or the battles that go on, we wonder why such a precious book that testifies of Christ would talk so much on war. Well in the book of Alma chapter forty seven we learn so much on how we can fall so easily, and how we have to constantly be saying no to pure pressure and keep our guard up at all times. In this chapter is describes a two men, one named Amalickiah and one Lehonti both good men of war but Amiliaka was one who loved power and high ranking, his ultimate desire was to be king. While Lehonti was a man of god. Amalickiah made the Lamanites people really mad at the Nephites that they went to war. They gathered themselves together on a hill called Antipas, Amalickiah and his people (the Lamanites's) at the bottom of the hill and Lehonti at the top of the hill. Amalickiah being a man of war knew that the higher ground had the advantage so he sent a messenger up the hill to tell him to come down and fight, Lehonti stood his ground and said no. Three separate times this went on, till the fourth time Amalickiah said come down half way so that we can talk. Lehonti agreed and came down a little. Amalickiah gave him an offer Lehonti couldn’t refuse, saying at night take your armies and surround me, then in the morning we will surrender to you but if I let you will you make me (Amalickiah) second in command. Lehonti loved the idea and agreed. But this is the very thing Amalickiah desired. He knew that in those times if the king died that the second in command would take over. He then had a servant poison Lehonti by degree till he died. We learn so much from this story, the main thing I get from this is don’t ever come down from off your mount. We all face temptation everyday and we have to stay strong every time it attacks, because it is going to come at us again and again. We have to be steadfast and immovable, as we stay on our mount we will not fall. But as soon as we come down a little bit we fall. We see the results when we come down a little bit. In Lehonti's case he came down a little bit and it ended in his death. May we always stay on our top of our mounts and be safe and not let any little sin bring us down.

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