Saturday, March 26, 2011

Running From Temptation

     Recently, I have thought alot more about how much temptation we all are faced with it each and everyday of our lives, such as, television, internet and things we read and much more. Temptation is a test for us to choose good things instead of bad. Ive seen how satan makes sin look fun by deceiving us, saying that it wont hurt us if we watch this or read this, but it really does bring us down. we need to always have our garuds up to overcome temptation. We all have the wonderful gift of agency to choose good or evil. those who look to god, praying for strength and are obeying the comandments will receive Heavenly Father strengthens that will help them to withstand any temptation. I like a story that I heard from Elder Nuttell while we were on team ups together (being with another companion for the day) and he realated this story of him and his friend to temptation. They were riding there bikes on a hot summer day, near a dam in a rough area of town. Trying to have a fun time out on there bikes exploring a new area, they soon came to a nice relaxing spot accross a river on a hill to hangout for a bit. Not much time later came a couple hornets flying around them, not thinking much of it and seeing that the hornets soon left they went back to enjoying themselves, not much time later a big hornet nest came flying around them. Not lingering any longer they quickly ran down the hill, over the river, running over jagged rocks, stumbling here and there trying to get to saftey, after running way far off in the distance they notice they were finnally safe. This is how we all should act when any temptation comes our way, like Elder Nuttell and the hornets, they didn't hang around, the ran away. when someone or something temps us we need to run from it not hang around or we will fall. If Elder Nuttell stayed any longer he would have been stung. When temptaion comes we need to ask ourselves which side of the line are we on? If we want to be on the safe side, (the Lord’s side) we will do the right thing every time. So when temptation comes, prayerfully think about your problem, and the influence of the Spirit of the Lord will be able you to help you stay on the right side. There is safety for all of us, but only on the Lord’s side of the line.

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